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Shared Cart FAQ

What is a Shared cart?

Shared cart is a feature that allows you to search, shop, and share carts from our multiple brands such as, Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy BABY, and Harmon Face Values into one checkout experience!

How to use a Shared cart across brands?

  1. Shop one or all Brands by selecting the concept at the top left corner of the website.
  2. Have an account? Sign in.
    • Don’t have an account? Create one account for all 3 brands for an easy and simplified experience.
  3. Now you are ready to Shop! Select item(s) from one or all brands.
    • Choose color, size, and quantity, if applicable.
  4. Select Add to Cart.
    • Once you add an item, select Keep Shopping or View Cart & Checkout.
    • Note: Saving items in your cart doesn’t reserve or put them on hold.
  5. View Cart & Checkout will display all item(s) from each brand.
    • Select Shipping Options or Free Store Pickup, if applicable.
  6. Select Checkout.
  7. Enter Delivery Address, Contact Info and Gift Options, if applicable.
  8. Proceed to Coupons and Payment.
    • Select Apply Coupon and check for available coupons linked to your email and/or phone or manually add a valid online coupon.
  9. Proceed to Review.
  10. Select Place My Order.

How can an online coupon be applied to a Shared cart order?

  1. On the View Cart & Checkout page, select Apply Coupons.
    • Signed into your account? Verify that the Email and Phone Number is correct under My Offers.
      • Select the Brand tab that corresponds to the item(s) labeled.
      • Click Apply on each eligible coupon.
    • Don’t have an account? Enter your Email and/or Phone Number.
      • Don’t have any coupons linked? Select Add a Paper Coupon.
      • Enter Email, along with 8-digit MO code or 20-digit barcode on your coupon.
      • Click on See Coupons or Upload & Apply (Paper Coupon).

What if my coupon does not apply to the item(s) in my Shared cart order?

  • Verify that the coupon brand is the same as the label on the product image.
    • If the label on the product image matches the coupon brand, please check if your item is excluded from coupons.
      • Note: Even if the coupon matches the label on the product, your item still may not be eligible to receive the discount. Check to see if your item is excluded from coupons and check individual coupons for more information.
    • If the coupon and label do not match, check that you are subscribed to the correct brand label by visiting Emails & Subscriptions under Account Settings in your Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuy BABY and/or Harmon Face Values account.


  • Coupons will not apply to items labeled with a different brand on the product image.
  • BEYOND+ benefits are only available at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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